Jill Morrison • Bio


Jill Morrison knew as a little girl that she wanted to be an actor and when she landed her first role the rest of the world knew why. Born in Langley, British Columbia, Jill spent her childhood living in small Canadian towns, always looking for a chance to act. At the age of thirteen Jill discovered a theatre group in her community where she began her love affair with theatre. Jill also discovered she had remarkable talent in Improve, a skill that has contributed to her instincts as a seasoned actress.

Jill Morrison received her B.F.A in classical and contemporary theatre from the University of Windsor. She continued her work in Sketch comedy through her university years actively participating in many Improve groups. Jillʼs film career began with the memorable 'She doesn't even go here' girl from Tina Fey's hit movie Mean Girls, a scene that has since grossed 1,550,374 hits on Youtube. This was Jillʼs first audition and first job.

Shortly after completing Mean Girls, Jill booked a lead role in Disneyʼs Feature Film Crimes of Fashion. A slew of roles followed in such films as 2012, Meteor Storm, NY: Tornado Terror, and Destination: Infestation. Other credits include fan favorite role as Gillian in A Valentines Carol, along with a number of blockbuster films such as Deck the Halls, Tooth Fairy, Fantastic Four 2 and Triple Dog.

Jill can also be seen in numerous television shows, including guest-starring roles in CWʼs Supernatural, Smallville, Emily Owens. As well as Showtimeʼs The L Word, Masters of Horror, USA Networkʼs The 4400, Psych, CBCʼs Intelligence and Syfyʼs Eureka.

Recently Jill Morrison became an indie darling taking part in four anticipated indie films, Leap for Your Life, What an Idiot, Sitting on the edge of Marlene and The Eleventh Victim playing opposite Jennie Garth and Colin Cunningham. Each one expected to make the festival rounds in 2013 and 2014.

This summer Jill will appear in the role of Nikki on the anticipated sitcom, Package Deal, which premieres on CityTV on June 24th. The show follows three overly close brothers and the woman who comes between them. The multi-camera comedy shoots in front of a live audience.